Error EAN Location Database

Your users may see the following prompt appear when inputting a City, Landmark or Airport search term.


This is caused by the user not having enough rights on the EANLocationData.sdf file that forms part of the software deployment manifest.

This file is a small database that contains all the possible search locations to be used in the EAN API. When users are performing a search, the SDF file will create temporary tables to facilitate the linking of various tables and fields being searched.  Users must therefore have READ/WRITE access to this file. 

This error typically only occurs in a Citrix/Terminal Services environment due to how controlled those environments can be - our ClickOnce deployment utilises a sandboxed area belonging to the user where they have FULL CONTROL on all files automatically.

To rectify the above error, simply navigate to the EANLocationData.sdf file in the c:\navitas\expediagdsintegrator folder on the servers/workstation and edit the properties to ensure EVERYONE has READ/WRITE access to the file. In some cases you may have to provide FULL CONTROL access rights depending on how restrictive other rules are on your configuration.

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