Navitas tools in Amadeus Selling Platform Connect

Amadeus has made us aware of several pre-requisites that must be adhered to / performed to ensure their +Script Plugin is up and running within the Selling Platform Connect environment.  The +Script Plugin is the 'API' we use to gather information from the GDS and is the main pre-requisite for our tools to work successfully on Amadeus Selling Platform Connect.


Other pre-requisites are

  • Must be using Internet Explorer to access Selling Platform Connect
  • You local Amadeus office must deploy links to our software within the Scripts menu item on the toolbar available within Selling Platform Connect.


PLEASE NOTE: The following link have been provided to us by Amadeus and is provided as a courtesy to our customers - any problems or queries about the procedure outlined by Amadeus must be raised with Amadeus help desk directly.



To clarify - Navitas Solutions is not able to provide support or assistance in the installation / configuration of Amadeus Selling Platform Connect or the +Script plugin API required, and all queries must be directed to the Amadeus help desk in the first instance.


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