Navitas Web Services / SOA Infrastructure

SPECIAL NOTE : On Sunday 27th September 2015, Navitas Solutions changed the DNS settings for to point to our new server farm infrastructure that brings substantial improvements in resilience, backup and fall over protection. Please contact us if more information is required.


Quite a number of Navitas Solutions application make use of a SOA/Web Service infrastructure that is located within ‘the cloud’. This means that all agencies using our software must have the following destinations configured as ‘allowed’ within their firewall/proxy software (as TCP ports).


  • (Port 80)
  • (Port 80, 8731, 8732, 8733, 8735, 9731)


To test if your agency is configured to access our web services, please click on each of the below links


You should see a response similar to the below for each link, if not please check the port number used or contact us for further information.


NOTE : Please keep in mind that these port numbers, apart from port 80, do change from time to time and more port numbers may require opening depending on WCF services being accessed.

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