What is the best practice for moving between different Office IDs in Selling Platform Connect and using Navitas scripts?


The Amadeus +Script Plugin provides a ‘bridge’ mechanism that allows the existing Navitas Solutions scripts to communicate with the new Amadeus Selling Platform Connect when using Internet Explorer. Due to the way this bridge operates, Amadeus have advised us that the user is required to follow a set procedure to ‘notify’ the bridge (and therefore the Navitas scripts) which OfficeID/IE Tab is currently being used.

Therefore, when moving between Office IDs, the user must select the Office ID from the display in the bottom right corner of Selling Platform Connect. Doing so refreshes the current API session and allows the Navitas scripts to connect to the specific Office ID the user is moving into.

If this method is not used, there is no guarantee that the Navitas scripts know which Office ID to work from when moving between Internet Explorer tabs.


Open Selling Platform Connect as usual and sign in.

The Navitas scripts can be opened either using the Scripts menu or from using pinned taskbar feature in Windows. These scripts can be left open or closed and reopened as necessary. The only exception is the Navitas EAN (Expedia) Integrator as this MUST be closed every time as no refresh is available.

To move in to another Office ID, click on the current Office ID from the bottom right hand corner and select the new Office ID. This opens a new Internet tab with the new Office ID displayed. You can now click in to this tab and work in the new Office ID. The Navitas scripts will pick up PNR data from the new Office ID.

NOTE: Switching back to any previously opened Office ID must also be done using the list, even if the office ID is already open in another tab in Internet Explorer. This is also required if the user has finished using the second tab, the switch back to the first tab must be performed using the list before closing the second tab in Internet Explorer.

If the Office ID is already open in a tab, it will flash orange, click in to the tab and the following prompt should be displayed – select OK to continue, the Navitas scripts now know to use this Office ID once again


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