Navitas products running in 'Sabre Red 360'

API Change

With the release of 'new Sabre Red Workspace' (nSRW) the API that is used to communicate with the Sabre GDS has changed.  In previous Red Workspace environments, we used an API known as the EMUAPI (Emulator API). In nSRW there is now a 'NativeAPI' that is used instead. When agencies upgrade to the nSRW they no longer have access to the EMUAPI and our tools stop operating as expected.


Navitas Sabre Connector

To ensure our tools keep working with the nSRW, Navitas Solutions has had to redevelop each application against the 'NativeAPI' and release a generic 'Navitas Sabre Connector' to the Sabre Red App Centre to facilitate communication.

The 'Navitas Sabre Connector' must be purchased for your agency from the Sabre Red App Centre before any of our applications can work with the nSRW. To process an order for the 'Navitas Sabre Connector, please visit the following page,


Validating Purchase / Install

Once the 'Navitas Sabre Connector' as been purchased and assigned to your PCC, a restart of Sabre Red Workspace may be required to apply any updates to the software available on the users workstation. To validate the 'Navitas Sabre Connector' has been installed, users can visit the 'Help -> About Sabre Red Workspace' menu item,

Then click the 'Configuration Details' button on the screen displayed,

Then sort the list by 'Plug-in Name', and scroll through to see if the 'Navitas Sabre Connector' is indeed installed, 


Compatible Version Numbers

All Navitas Solutions 'off the shelf' products have been migrated to utilise the new 'NativeAPI' as of the below releases

  • Decoder Suite v1.8.0
  • Itin to X v2.2.0
  • VisaEase v2.1.0

The following 'Bespoke Solutions' have also been updated

  • Focus Fare Finder (Client) v3.3.0
  • Focus Fare Finder (Admin) v3.2.0



Whilst the licence fees for our 'off the shelf' products have not changed, all agencies must be aware that Sabre levies a per user / per month charge for using the 'Navitas Sabre Connector' (even on free software).  Navitas Solutions is endeavouring to cover this charge as part of the monthly fees already charged, however this policy may change if higher than expected fees are charged by Sabre.

All 'bespoke solutions' will have the per user / per month charges invoiced to your agency as these cannot be covered by Navitas Solutions. 


All queries should be raised with Navitas Solutions via as per normal.


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