AVG blocks access to Decoder Suite - how can I fix this?

AVG AntiVirus software is a little over zealous on some applications that talk to a variety of websites, which Decoder Suite does to gather the information needed to display the GDS content on screen.  As a result it can sometimes mark our DecoderSuite.exe file as a potential virus and blocks access to its functionality.


For AVG to allow DecoderSuite to work correctly, an exception needs to be added to the system.  Steps to do this are provided below.  Please note that some screens may look different depending on your version of AVG.


1. Right click on the AVG icon in the Windows notification area (near the clock) and open the main AVG application.


2. Select the Options->Advanced Settings menu option


3. Select the 'Exceptions' option from the left hand menu, this will show any current exceptions that have been added to the system


4. Click the 'Add Exception' button to create the new exception for Decoder Suite


5. You will need to click 'Browse' button and then find the executable for Decoder Suite.  As we use ClickOnce for the majority of our installs this will be located in the users 'AppData' folder, for example


Inside the 'AppData' folder will be the 'Local\Apps\2.0' folders. From here the folder names are random and change for each workstation, so open the 'non Data' folder, then the folder within this directory.  Then locate the folder that should start with DECO..TION with a long string of random letters and numbers, such as


6. Open the above folder and then select the 'DecoderSuite.exe' file and click OPEN or OK

NB: If you can't see the 'DecoderSuite.exe' it is likely AVG has moved the file into its 'Virus Vault', so you will need to restore the file from the Virus Vault first. This option is available by selecting 'Options->Virus Vault' menu item. Find the latest file to be moved into the Vault and check it ends with DecoderSuite.exe - click on the file and click the 'Restore' button.


7. Ensure you tick the option 'Even when the file is moved to a new location' or 'Dont use full path' (depending on the version of AVG you have).

8. Click OK to show the new exception in the list in AVG


9. Double check that the object says '<anywhere>DecoderSuite.exe' to ensure all versions of Decoder Suite will work (current and future).

10. Click OK on the 'Advanced Settings' screen.


AVG should now allow Decoder Suite to operate without issue.


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