Check Mate Release Notes

WebSite v1.3 - Released 25 April 2019

We have introduced a new feature that allows each user to have an 'alternate email' address that should be used for their alerts.  This allows users to centralise their alerts to a team email address, such as, instead of to the users individual username.


WebSite v1.2 - Released 1 February 2018

The website site was moved to our new server farm and upgraded to use a later version of the .net framework to increased speed and security.


WebSite v1.1 - Released 1 September 2017

This is a small release that allows Administrators to select if they wish to received the 'Nothing Found' emails from the system - turning this option off will still send all Summary emails when Classes or Seats are found and will only suppress the emails informing you your PCC has been checked but no results found.


v1.0.5 - Released 16 May 2017

This is a small bug fix release addressing the following issues

  • Fixed the issue where the incorrect Record Locator was uploaded against new checks
  • Fixed the issue on the uploader login screen that could sometimes cause a crash


v1.0.4 - Released 09 May 2017

This is a small bug fix release addressing the following issues

  • Fixed an issue where users who used Capitals for their username could log into the system using all lowercase letters.
  • Updated Windows task bar icon to CheckMate icon instead of Navitas Icon
  • Fixed an issue with Date validation on some uploads


v1.0.3 - Released 19 April 2017

This is the first major release of the CheckMate solution.  For information on the functionality of this new product please refer to the User Guide


v1.0.0 thru 1.0.2 - Internal Releases for Testing


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