How do I create a Smartpoint Quick Command for Decoder Suite?

If you want to create a Smartpoint Quick Command then; 


  1. Click on TOOLS in the Smartpoint toolbar
  2. Select QuickCommands then Configuration…


  1. Select ADD (blue button)


  1. Complete the screens as follows (instructions for ClickOnce users only**): 

please note if the above does not work for your set it then you might need to change the App / Parameter settings as below;


App: c:\windows\system32\rundll32.exe

Parameters:  dfshim.dll,ShOpenVerbShortcut c:\navitas\decodersuite.appref-ms


**If you work in a Citrix / Terminal Services environment then the parameters should be entered as follows;

App: c:\navitas\NavitasDecoderSuite\DecoderSuite.exe

Parameters: (not required)

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