Itin To X Release Notes

v2.4.11 - Released 14 October 2020

This new version includes the following improvements and fixes

  • Update to work with multiple sessions open in Amadeus Selling Platform Connect.  Application will now recognise multiple sessions are available and ask user which Office ID they want to communicate with.
  • Improved handling of APIS (DOCS/DOCO) lines for all three GDS to ignore incorrect airline entries that don't follow the standard GDS formats


v2.4.10 - Released 28 September 2020

Update as a result of Amadeus releasing new version of their SmartBridge and Customisation SDK. This version also fixes a bug found with Sabre TravelDocuments (DOCO - for K and R types) that were not being read correctly.


v2.4.9 - released 29 May 2020

Minor update of GDS detection logic so that customers on Amadeus Selling Platform Connect were able to use the older +Script API or the new SmartScripting API.


v2.4.8 - released 13 May 2020

Version 2.4.8 is compatible with Amadeus Selling Platform Connect's SmartScripting API.  This enables customers to use any web browser rather than having to use Internet Explorer.  Use of the new API also means customers will see improved speed and the end of a number of issues associated with the very old +Script API that we were previously limited to.


v2.4.5 / v2.4.6 / v2.4.7 - released 10 Mar 2020 / 23 Apr 2020

Customer specific release or bespoke logic - zip file release only updated.


v2.4.4 - released 04 Mar 2020

This new version fixes an issue with flight segments that have more than two legs on the Sabre GDS.


v2.4.3 - released 29 Jan 2020

This new version includes the following improvements and fixes and is a mandatory upgrade for Sabre users

  • Moved Hotel 'details' extraction over to use Sabres new Content Services Lodging transactions in preparedness for the retirement of their older Hotel xml queries
  • Improved handling of certain Firstname / Title combinations
  • Improved handling of Car Segment parsing on Amadeus bookings when no excess mileage is reported
  • Fixed issue where Remarks / Templates were not auto selected if there was only 1 item in the drop down list


v2.4.2 - released 20 Dec 2019

This release fixes an issue with the new CO2 extraction on flights/train segments that do not return this information in the GDS.


v2.4.1 - released 20 Dec 2019

This is a small release that fixes the follow issue

  • Some users reported that their pre-filled settings (Agent Name, From Email etc) where not saving correctly on v2.4.0 - this issue has now been addressed


v2.4.0 - released 19 Dec 2019

This release includes the following enhancements

  • We have added Airline Logos to the list of options available on itinerary output - there are two forms of graphic that can be included, the main logo 'icon' for the airline, or the full logo which generally includes airline name
Main Icon   Full Logo
  • Itin to X is now extracting CO2 information from the Travelport and Amadeus GDS systems for inclusion on generated itineraries where required


  • We have improved the handling of EK Limo segments on Travelport bookings
  • We have improved the Rate Breakdown extraction for Travelport Hotel segments
  • A new 'Browser' window has been introduced on the Preview window to improve the display of the generated itinerary, which should now closely match the output generated into the PDF or Word environments
  • We updated the solution to utilise the latest XML Transaction from Travelport (PNRBFManagement_49)

Please Note: Some of the above enhancements require adjustments to your templates - so please contact if you wish to take advantage of any of the above for your Agency. 


v2.3.3 - released 22 Aug 2019

  • Customer specific release or bespoke logic - zip file release only updated.


v2.3.2 - released 04 July 2019

This is a small release that includes the following enhancements

  • Improves stability with Sabre Red Classic users who haven't migrated to Sabre Red 360 as yet
  • Fixed an issue when using the 'Create in Outlook' feature with other attachments which sometimes failed


v2.3.1 - released 09 May 2019

Customer specific release or bespoke logic.


v2.3.0 - released 08 May 2019

This version introduces the following enhancements and bug fixes

  • We have improved the handling of the 'Routing' code to be called after all custom segment handling functions have completed - this ensures any removed retention lines / aux segments no longer form a part of the overall booking file routing
  • An issue where some MEP remark fields in an Amadeus booking file where incorrectly being presented as Car Segments in the Amadeus API has been coded around
  • An issue where some SVC remarks in an Amadeus booking file where incorrectly being presented as Phones in the Amadeus API has been coded around
  • Improvements have been made to the handling of Sabre requested meals (SSRs)
  • Coded around an issue on 2V (Amtrak) bookings on Galileo and Apollo where the fare was returned as blank data by the Travelport API
  • Improvements where made to handle more scenarios for Flight Verification entries on Sabre when gathering flight details
  • Fixed an issue where some ICS files were not generating correctly


v2.2.8 - released 22 March 2019

This is a small bug fix to resolve some issues in the new Sabre XML v1.19 parsing on certain bookings, including those with ARNK's and Requested Meals


v2.2.7 - released 15 March 2019

Apologies for the quick succession of releases whilst we stabilise the usage of the new Sabre GetReservation XML transaction.  The conversion was a complete rewrite of all internal code and some unforeseen bugs are being experienced after 'real world' deployment.

This release addresses the following

  • hotel rate breakdown parsing has been improved to correctly handle when tax information disappears in the API
  • fixed an issue with picking up Car Rates when the currency name comes first


v2.2.6 - released 14 March 2019

This release addresses the following items on the new Sabre XML v1.19 parsing

  • addressed an issue with Hotel Approx Total not appearing correctly
  • fixed an issue with Terminal information not always being displayed correctly
  • fixed issue with processing Fares without Tax information
  • fixed issue with passive Hotel segments where a single character room code is used
  • reduced start up / refresh time when connecting to new NativeAPI comms queues
  • the system is now correctly extracting cancellation policy details
  • hotel rate breakdown is now being parsed when available


v2.2.5 - released 12 March 2019

This release rectifies the following two issues, and applies to Sabre connected agencies only

  • Fixes the handling of Eurostar segments where the time between stations is less then 1 hour
  • Fixes an issue with retrieval of Hotel Room and Rate information for segments booked using a Rate Access Code


v2.2.4 - released 07 March 2019

This release introduces the following new features or bug fixes

  • Switched all Sabre users to use their new XML structures of GetReservation v1.19
  • Users can now choose to not have certain segment types, or certain Aux segment types create an ICS file
  • Improved handling of RAL segments for Sabre users
  • Introduced the decoding of OTA_MealPlanType and OTA_RoomViewType returned on some hotel bookings for Travelport users (if you want this information to display on your templates, please let us know)
  • Improved capture of Hotel Rate Breakdown information for Amadeus users
  • Introduced decoding of 3 letter Amtrak Railway station codes (if you need this information on your templates for 2V segments, please let us know)
  • Fixed an issue for Amadeus flights occurring at the edge of the GDS booking range


v2.2.3 - released 01 March 2019

Customer specific release or bespoke logic.


v2.2.2 - released 25 January 2019

This version includes an update to the latest Time Zone Configuration database, to ensure all Calendar appointments are created using the correct time zone offset.


v2.2.1 - released 22 January 2019

Customer specific release or bespoke logic.


v2.2.0 - released 14 December 2018

This new version is now compatible with new Sabre Red Workspace for all our Sabre users, as well as including the following small improvements

  • Rail Vendors are now correctly decoded against a new table within our SOA infrastructure
  • Improved processing of Open air segments in Amadeus
  • Improved handling of Hotel Room Description for Galileo users
  • Enhanced logic for extracting fares where flight no longer exists on Galileo PNR's


v2.1.2 - released 21 November 2018

Customer specific release or bespoke logic


v2.1.1 - released 08 November 2018

Customer specific release or bespoke logic


v2.1.0 - released 05 September 2018

This version has quite a number of infrastructure changes to bring the various versions we had for specific customers and our 'off the shelf' edition into alignment under the 2.1.0 build number.

This version also has a small fix to improve queries against our new Flight Class Extended tables we released in July. We have also improved the extraction of Hotel Room Descriptions for Travelport customers (if you need this information on your templates please contact for information).


v1.2.1 - released 26 July 2018

Customer specific enhancement or bespoke logic


v1.2.0 - released 20 July 2018

We are very pleased to announce the availability of our latest release of Itin to X that has some significant enhancements for our customers as well as the following small bug fixes,

  • Improved handling of Frequent Flyer details on Galileo Group Bookings
  • Fixed an issue with 'time changed' flights on Sabre bookings still showing the old flight times
  • Exhanced the capture of Eticket information on Galileo exchange ticketed bookings
  • The Send Via Outlook option now correctly picks up all CC and BCC email addresses
  • We now perform validation to ensure Outlook is open when using any Outlook functions

Introducing our enhanced Flight Class Descriptions

This version of Itin to X implements support for our new Flight Class Description lookup tables that now handle airlines reusing Booking Designator codes in different markets.  An example is A class on AF being ECONOMY on European flights and PREMIUM ECONOMY for all other flights. Itin to X is now able to pass more details of the flight (such as Start/End points, Equipment Type, Flight Number etc) into our new infrastructure to ensure more accurate class descriptions are returned.

Introducing 'Create Outlook Email'

Following on from the overwhelming success of the 'Send via Outlook' option introduced in the previous version, we have taken this feature one step further by adding a new 'Output Option' to 'Create Outlook Email'.  This feature creates a new email message directly in the users local Outlook application and populates it with the various outputs selected, such as the PDF Attachment, ICS files and the Email body.


Once open in Outlook, users are then free to edit the email before hitting Send.  This feature also allows users to take advantage of their saved Outlook Contacts as email addresses can be typed/selected directly in Outlook rather than on the Itin To X interface.

If your agency wishes to take advantage of this new feature, please get in contact with us via

Please note: As with our other output options, this new feature is a chargeable add on to the normal Itin to X licence fee.

Introducing customisable ICS file content

This version of Itin to X now has the ability to handle custom content within the ICS files generated for Calendar Integration. Customers are no longer locked into the set format provided prior this release, and the following elements of the ICS file can be customised to suit your needs

  • Summary Text
  • ICS File Name
  • Description Text
  • Location Text

If your agency requires customisation to the current ICS file content and layout, please contact us to discuss your needs.


v1.1.0 - released 6 June 2018

In this release we have introduced a highly requested feature, 'Send via Outlook'. This option can be used to generate and send the customers itinerary using the local users Email account directly from their copy of MS Outlook,

Select the checkbox to activate the option, the system will remember this selection for next time. Once the itinerary has been sent, the user can see the sent email in their normal Outlook 'Sent Items' folder,

This allows users to better track the itineraries sent and removes the need to have a dedicated SMTP server available on your network for the system. This new feature is available to all users as a no cost item.

NOTE: The user must have MS Outlook open and running before attempting to send an email using Itin to X


v1.0.67 - released 29 March 2018

This release includes the following changes

  • improvements made to the layout of the 'Description' text in the ICS (Calendar) files produced by the system for Flight and Train segments
  • a change to how we handle Frequent Flyer details - these can now be easily displayed against the relevant segment on the Itin to X output
  • a further change to processing of Sabre tickets based on new scenarios with conjunction tickets that can occur
  • we are now targeting .net 4.6.2 framework


v1.0.66 - released 15 March 2018

This release includes a minor update to Sabre ticket processing.


v1.0.65 - released 03 January 2018

This release includes a few minor updates including

  • Better handling of long surnames on Sabre ETickets where FirstName wasn't returned in the API
  • Added new on screen option to force the segments to remain in Segment order rather than date order, this is important when segments are crossing back / forth across the date line and some Hotel Checkins/Flights are occuring on dates BEFORE the previous segment etc
  • We can now override the Address information with the 'local' office details instead of the agency that owns the PNR
  • Upgraded some internal code / dependencies to .net 4.6 versions
  • Added default hotel checkin/checkout of 16:00 (in) and 10:00 (out) for those hotels that do not return a time (this can be overridden if needed)
  • Fixed an issue where some information in ICS files was truncated off


v1.0.64 - released 10 November 2017

This release includes some important updates for users on Sabre and Apollo GDS

  • Addressed an issue where bookings issued with Conjunction tickets were not always showing on Sabre outputs
  • Fixed an issue picking up E-Ticket numbers on Apollo for multi pax bookings
  • Logic has been introduced to handle the updated AK segment formats for Galileo / Apollo PNRs
  • Updated logic for the handling of 'AUX' ICS files where start/end dates may not have been calculated correctly


v1.0.62 thru v1.0.63 - released 25 September 2017

These were customer specific releases with no additional functionality for general use.


v1.0.61 - released 31 August 2017


  • Issue matching e-ticket names when infant has title
  • Issue when IATA code missing from Database


  •  Customer Specific Limo Segment format


v1.0.60 - released 04 July 2017

A very small release that improves the logic when handling PQ (Fares) for Sabre connected agencies.


v1.0.59 - released 27 June 2017

Minor update required for specific customer requirements plus some minor improvements to non flight segment type parsing. This version moves from relying on .net 3.5sp1 to .net 4.6 framework.


v1.0.58 - released 16 Feb 2017

Minor update to resolve the following issues

  • Fixed an issue when capturing CouponData in some Sabre PNR E-Ticket details
  • Updated logic when determining Leg Ground Time on flights in Amadeus and Sabre


v1.0.57 - released 09 Jan 2017

Update to resolve the following issues

  • Improved ICS handoffs to now contain departure/arrive times as customers requested to have this available in both places
  • Resolved an issue in Amadeus for flown flights and determining leg information and trying to display Special Service information
  • Updated ICS to include Operated By Carrier details
  • Fixed a crash where some INFT SSR's were not associated with a passenger number
  • Updated logic to handle E-Ticket display changes on Amadeus
  • Fixed an issue on Travelport GDS where some airport codes were being treated as City Codes (CUR)
  • Updated logic for handling of End/Start dates for Past Hotels on Amadeus


v1.0.56 - released 31 Oct 2016

Small bug fix release with the following changes

  1. Car Pickup (PUP), Drop Off (DO), Collection (COL) and Delivery (DEL) extraction has been changed to better reflect their function for Amadeus users (please let us know if you wish to have the Pick Up and Drop Off Address details displayed on your templates)


v1.0.53 thru v1.0.55 - released 31 Oct 2016

These were customer specific releases with no additional functionality for general use.


v1.0.52 - released 31 Oct 2016

Small bug fix release with the following improvements

  1. Significant improvements to the handling of extra information on Hotel and Car segments in Sabre, Galileo and Amadeus GDS
  2. Introduced new logic to handle blank templates for those customers using the solution for Hotel Bill Back requests
  3. We are now handling the situation where Sabre can leave stored fares in the PNR even when flights have been cancelled
  4. Improved the handling of EK limo segments in Galileo PNR due to changes in format from the Travelport supplied script
  5. Addressed an issue where BBSESSION response was not always fully parsed on Sabre
  6. We are now handing blank Remarks being returned incorrectly from Sabre
  7. Improved the handling of Sabre seat data on flights and GDS booked trains (Eurostar etc)
  8. Fixed an issue with picking up Fare Taxes from some Sabre PQ fields


v1.0.51 - released 29 Sep 2016

Enhancements for Sabre customers

  1. System now extracts Corporate Number and Customer Number for Hotel Segments
  2. Stops duplication of Meal SSR information for Flight segments
  3. Fixed an issue when trying to match e-ticket names when an infant has a title in Amadeus bookings


v1.0.50 - released 10 Sep 2016

This release is a small bug fix release

  1. Amadeus Train Segment enhancement


v1.0.49 - released 09 Sep 2016

This release includes several bug fixes and enhancements

  1. We are now handling a lot more options for Car segments on the Sabre GDS (e.g. Drop Off Location Details, Confirmation Numbers, Car Type)
  2. We are now handling a lot more options for Hotel Segments on the Sabre GDS (e.g. Phone, Fax, Cancellation Policy, Full Hotel Name)
  3. We have introduced the ability to include Train segments on the Itin to X output
  4. We have enhanced the handling of AUX segments from the Sabre GDS
  5. We have improved the ICS output for AUX segments
  6. We have significantly improved the handling of ETicket details on the Sabre GDS
  7. We are now picking up 'code share' information against Frequent Flyer details (Sabre only)


v1.0.48 - released 12 August 2016

This was a customer specific release with no additional functionality for general use.


v1.0.47 - released 28 Jul 2016

This release is a small bug fix release

  1. Fixed an issue with the handling of End Date for PAST hotel segments (Passive) for Amadeus users
  2. Fixed an issue with PAST car segments End Date/StartDate (both Live and Passive) for Amadeus users
  3. Improved handling of Hotels and Car segments in Sabre
  4. Fixes and issue with Amadeus API not supplying the Hotel Rate correctly in some circumstances
  5. Fixed an issue with the MS Office DLL's not downloading for users of Office 2010


v1.0.46 - released 17 Jun 2016

This release is a small bug fix release

  1. Improved the handling of PAST hotel segments (Passive) for Amadeus users
  2. Improved the handling of PAST car segments (both Live and Passive) for Amadeus users
  3. Fixed an issue were some users were getting an error about a missing reference
  4. Rewritten extracting ETicket and Fare details for Sabre customers to ensure links between Fares/Etickets/Segments is processed
  5. We are now extracting the Driver Name from the NM field for Amadeus car segments
  6. Fixed an issue where 9F seats where being incorrectly associated to all passengers within a PNR
  7. Fixed an issue where Hotel Names were disappearing from some past date live Amadeus hotel segments


v1.0.45 - released 07 Jun 2016

This release is a small bug fix release

  1. Introduced a new option to stop the system from auto saving the PNR after the itinerary has been sent (if you need this option configured, please let us know).
  2. Ensured the solution is compatible with Word 2016 / Office 365 updated versions of Word
  3. Updated the TZDB to version 2016c to include the latest updates for Time Zone information when generating the ICS / Calendar files
  4. Fixed a bug where some Amadeus hotels would not retrieve all the 'additional information' about Location and Policy (such as Check-In/Out times)
  5. We are now collecting Address (Collection and Delivery) details for Amadeus car bookings when they have been entered into the segment using the /COL- or /DEL- field modifiers
  6. Fixed an issue where Past date Hotel bookings in Amadeus returned with a 'next year' date instead of 'this year' date


v1.0.44 - released 25 May 2016

This release is a small bug fix release

  1. There was an issue interacting with MS Word 2010/2007 due to updates in the DLL's used - this issue has now been fixed and the system should be compatible with all versions of Office/Word


v1.0.43 - released 24 May 2016

This release is a small bug fix release

  1. Enhanced the handling of Sabre General Remarks when updating the PNR with information of template used etc


v1.0.41 - released 07 Mar 2016

This release is a small bug fix release

  1. Includes new logic surrounding ESTA to handle US and Canada requirements


v1.0.37 through v1.0.40  - customer specific releases


v1.0.36 - released 29 Oct 2015

This release is a small bug fix release

  1. Improved process for generating ICS files for Air/Hotel/Car/AUX segments
  2. Fixed an issue with cancellation information for hotel chain WV


v1.0.35 - released 21 Oct 2015

This release is a small bug fix release

  1. Further updates to ICS handling of Hotels / Cars
  2. Customer specific updates


v1.0.34 - released 15 Oct 2015

This release is a small bug fix release

  1. Improved handling of Hotels / Cars when outputting to ICS/Calendar files


v1.0.31 - released 16 Sep 2015

This release is a small bug fix release

  1. We now ignore ARNK segments when generating ICS files
  2. Fixed an issue where the seats/meals/ssrs were not being removed when doing specific passenger itinerary generation
  3. Fixed an issue caused by Amadeus change to TST screen layout


v1.0.29 - released 14 Sep 2015

This release is a small bug fix release

  1. Includes updates to the ICS output to include appointment text
  2. Updated the interface to ensure customers can't select Create Word Document with any other output option
  3. Customer Specific Updates


v1.0.27 - released 12 Aug 2015

This release is a small bug fix release

  1. Improves compatibility with Travelport API for Apollo users
  2. Customer Specific Updates


v1.0.24 through v1.0.26 - customer specific release


v1.0.23 - released 10 June 2015

This release is a small bug fix release

  1. Improves compatibility with Travelport API for Smartpoint users
  2. Customer Specific Updates


v1.0.22 - customer specific release


v1.0.21 - released 30 April 2015

This release is a small bug fix release

  1. Minor improvements to UI handling
  2. Customer Specific Updates


v1.0.16 through v1.0.20 - customer specific release


v1.0.15 - released 10 Dec 2014

Navitas Solutions has been hard at work with significant improvements to our Itin To PDF software. The main change is that we have added additional output options - namely HTML Emails and Word documents, to the 'to PDF' part no longer fitted. As we developers and not the best with product names, we have changed the name to Itin to X (where X is the output you choose!!).

This release is a major milestone in the roadmap for this product with even more output options coming soon (ICS files for calendar integration, Web Page for online access etc). We will continue to strive throughout 2015 to make Itin to X a clear choice for itinerary creation for our customers, and yours.

With this release we have introduced new functionality, such as:

Output Options:-

  1. Output to HTML in the Email body itself
  2. Ability to select multiple outputs at once, for example Email Body plus a PDF attachment
  3. Generate the attachment as a Word Document *
  4. Create and open a Word document so it can be edited and sent manually *
  5. Ability to Preview the itinerary before sending
  6. Ability to Copy the contents of the Preview window to paste into other systems *

Interface Changes

  1. Specify a BCC field on the interface
  2. Option to select 12h or 24h time format (please contact us if you wish to take advance of this)
  3. Have a default 'Remarks' option auto selected

Content Improvements

  1. Flight sectors can now display their associated Flight Services
  2. Flight sectors can now display if they are TSA Secured Flights
  3. Requested Meals are now read in from the booking file
  4. Eurostar Seats are now displayable
  5. Auxiliary Segments can now be read in and displayed (TUR/SUR/AUX etc, generally needs customisation to read in each agencies particular format, please contact us for details)
  6. Hotel Check In / Check Out times
  7. Hotel Address / Phone details are new read out of passive Hotel segments
  8. SSRs (Special Service Requests)
  9. Fare Routing is now available for display
  10. Passenger Names can be linked to any Meals, SSRs, Seats

Configuration Enhancements

  1. Automatically display different Agency Address information based on PCC/OID
  2. Configure qualifiers to use for the remark added to the PNR
  3. Configure Margins used (per template)
  4. Force output into English Culture Info formats for foreign markets
  5. Ability to turn off the retrieval of Fares completely, if using E-Ticket records
  6. The system now remembers the users selection of more options on the interface to reduce the need to re-select them each time the application is launched
  7. Configure which 'outputs' are available for each template
  8. Configure which 'outputs' are default selected per template

As always, please remember that Itin to X is a template driven solution which means each agency is able to customise the entire look and feel of the output based on individual needs. In additional Itin to X gives Navitas Solutions the ability to customise the solution to read in additional segment types, again based on each agencies particular formats and entries.

NOTE: If you wish to migrate from Itin to PDF to Itin to X, please contact Navitas Solutions to arrange the migration of your configuration. Itin to PDF will remain as a live solution, however no further development will be undertaken on this solution. Itin to X is a free upgrade for existing Itin to PDF customers.

* some new features are at additional cost


v1.0.50 - released 19 Aug 2013

This release is a small bug fix release

  1. Better handling of Currencies that do not have any decimals
  2. Fixed an issue where specifying a Passenger or Segment would be ignored when printing ETicket numbers / details
  3. Any Pax/Seg information entered is now cleared when clicking Refresh button


v1.0.49 - released 31 May 2013

This release is a small bug fix release

  1. Better handling of International Culture settings when updating the PNR with a tracking remark
  2. Fixed an issue where Amadeus could time out on some responses when ETicket information is being retrieved
  3. Fixed an issue where IT/BT were coming back as the 'Amount' on ETicket records in Galileo
  4. Introduced a new set of configurations for a customer specific customisation


v1.0.48 - released 08 Apr 2013

This release has several enhancements and bug fixes

  1. The interface is now correctly displaying email addresses with a _ character in them
  2. The - - character in Galileo MT. fields is now being correctly translated to a _ character
  3. We are now able to work within 'non US/UK' regional settings correctly
  4. Addressed an issue when generating an itin for a booking with no passengers, some customers were getting "Passenger couldn't be found" error
  5. Added 'Routing' information into the Data Dictionary that is made available to the template
  6. Added 'TemplateName' information into the Data Dictionary that is made available to the template
  7. You are now able to customise the name of the PDF file that gets attached to the email


v1.0.47 - released 07 Feb 2013

This release was a quick patch bug fix to address an issue when sending individual passenger itineraries one after another using the new Passenger / Segment selection feature released in 1.0.46


v1.0.46 - released 01 Feb 2013

This release has several enhancements and bug fixes

  1. Further Updates to support specific customers with customised versions of Itin to PDF
  2. E-Ticketing information now includes the Plating Carrier information
  3. Airline Vendor Locators are now included in the Flight data against the Fares
  4. Airline Vendor data is now associated to each Ticket Number
  5. Rate Quoted information is now correctly extracted from the new MK Hotel segments in Travelport
  6. Exempted taxes are now handled correctly in Amadeus
  7. After clicking 'Add' button, the focus is now returned to the 'Email Address' field to allow easy entry of next email address or tabbing through to next field

NB: If you wish to display any of the new options on your templates (items 2-4) please send us a request to

This version also includes some important new features

  1. Users can add several emails at once by entering the email addresses separated by a ; character and then clicking ADD (as shown in the screen shot below)
  2. Users can now specify Passengers and/or Segments to generate the itinerary for. Two new input fields (shown below) are available on screen and users can specify the required Passengers/Segments using the normal GDS notation. For example: to generate the itin only for passengers 1 through 3 and 5, enter
    ◦ Galileo Users : 1-3.5
    ◦ Amadeus Users : 1-3,5
    ◦ Sabre Users : 1-3/5
  3. The Version Number on the application window now links to these release notes



v1.0.45 - released 06 Dec 2012

This release contains some updates for specific customers with custom versions of Itin to PDF.


v1.0.44 - released 30 Oct 2012

This release contains some minor bug fixes and includes a few important enhancements.

  1. Introduced support for the new MK HTL segments for Travelport users. The system is now able to extract information from the P- and H- fields and look up Hotel Address information for any hotels which have the P- field populated.
  2. Introduced new fields in the stored fare and electronic tickets (for all users) which can now be output on customer itineraries
    ◦ Fare Construction Text
    ◦ Form Of Payment Information
    ◦ Endorsement Text
  3. Fixed a bug where 'Conjunction' tickets where sometimes not extracted correctly



These versions where internal releases for testing against various operating systems / environments and were not released to all customers.


v1.0.38 - released 06 Sep 2012

This release is a small maintenance release with the following improvements/changes

  1. Fixed a bug where if Sabre agents had a default template configured, the system could crash
  2. Introduced the ability to provide Airline specific Baggage Policy links on the itinerary
  3. Introduced the ability to provide Airline specific Online / Web Checkin links on the itinerary


v1.0.37 - released 15 Aug 2012

This release is a small maintenance release with the following improvements/changes

  1. Improved support for Sabre - especially around extraction of Hotel segment information


v1.0.36 - released 02 Aug 2012

A small bug was introduced to the installer code during the release of 1.0.35 - this release fixed the issue


v1.0.35 - released 02 Aug 2012

This release is a small maintenance release with the following improvements/changes

  1. EMD/MCO ticket numbers were causing a problem for Amadeus users - this has now been resolved
  2. The Fares/Tickets section can now be shown regardless if the PNR has been ticketed (due to DOT Baggage Allowance requirements)


v1.0.34 - released 04 May 2012

This release is a small maintenance release with the following improvements/changes

  1. Passive Hotels and Cars on Galileo are now able to handle a lot more 'optional' fields in the segment and display the relevant information
  2. Some codeshare flight details we not being picked up correct for Amadeus users


v1.0.33 - released 22 March 2012

This release is a small maintenance release with the following improvements/changes

  1. Some Amadeus Fares where not being read out correctly in the 1.0.32 release, this has now been addressed
  2. Some Amadeus Flights where not being read out correctly in rare circumstances, this has now been resolved



This release is a small maintenance release with the following improvements/changes

  1. Galileo Users can now extract Mileage / Individual Leg information for each segment
  2. Sped up the process of retrieving Fares on all GDS's
  3. Logging mechanism has been updated to include several new logging messages
  4. Fixed compatibility issue for Galileo users who don't have a full Travelport Agility platform



It was discovered that those customers with customised interfaces / email formats were adversely affected by the below bug fix - this version addresses this issue.



This version is a simple bug fix version for some users following the below enhancement.



This version introduces the following additional functionality


  1. A new section has been added to the output that allows specifically for the display of Fares and Ticketing information. Previously this had to be placed in one of the other sections which meant it would only display if that section displayed.



This version contains the following Bug Fixes and Enhancements to functionality / data extraction

Bug Fixes:

  1. Hotels Address logic has been changed as some hotel addresses were not being read out in certain circumstances (TKT18)
  2. Some terminal information was being incorrectly displayed in certain circumstances (TKT86)


  1. Meal Information is now available for display on Itinerary formats for Amadeus and Sabre Users (TKT183)
  2. Journey Times can now include Ground Time for Amadeus and Sabre users
  3. EVN field is now extracted from Amadeus Car segments (TKT 18)
  4. Segment stop over city codes / names are now available for Amadeus and Sabre users - for example we can now show that Flight QF1 is SYD to LHR via SIN



This version introduces some new functionality whilst dealing with a couple of bug fixes

Bug Fixes:

  1. Enhanced logic when matching Passenger Names between E-Tickets and PNR's
  2. fixed an issue where Flown Flights were not correctly handled
  3. fixed an issue where some Galileo seats were associated to the incorrect segment

New Functionality:

  1. Customers can now select if they no longer wish to have all the email addresses pre-selected.
  2. Customers can now select if they no longer need the system to retrieve E-Ticket details as part of the itinerary extraction process.

A 'Product Info' sheet is available here for reference.

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