How do I use History Decoder?

Reading booking file history has always been a challenge, but with this tool the process is made quicker and easier!

The tool captures the history of the current booking file on screen, decodes all of the information and presents it in a grid which allows sorting, grouping and filtering. All history codes are decoded and the relevant Received / Reference data and time stamp is shown.

Retrieve the necessary booking in the GDS then open Decoder Suite and click the History button. Booking file history defaults to being displayed by Group and is sorted in date order.



The display can be grouped, sorted and filtered in a number of ways.

Each of the column headers can be used to sort the data by clicking the header itself - this will switch from A-Z to Z-A sorting and is shown by the small arrow head icon. Grouping the data is achieved by simply clicking and dragging the column header in to the top section of the interface. In the above screenshot we show how the display can be grouped to show all of the Received / Reference fields, allowing you to quickly view who touched the booking and the action they performed.

Information can also be filtered (using the filter funnel) allowing you to view only the information that you need. In the example above we filter the display to only show Cancelled Segment data.

Users can apply several grouping, filtering and sorting options to provide a wide array of display combinations.

**At present this tool is for viewing only and the results can not be copied**


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