What is PNR Watcher

Real time, rule based PNR management!

We know how onerous it is to cross-check policies, offers and requirements for evert single booking. If you long for an infallible, real-time assistant, make way for PNR Watcher.

PNR Watcher is our all-seeing helper that responds to pre-definted criteria. You simply "lay down the rules" and PNR Watcher then keeps track of your clients' individual needs, the latest route deals, company policies and so forth. It reacts instantly to your GDS entries, reservations and activities so you can more easily deliver and enhanced level of customer service.

In this day and age, no one should have to put up with anything less than our PNR Watcher's beady-eyed rule-tracking ability. As you compile the perfect Itinerary for your passengers, dotting I's and crossing T's with barely a second thought, you'll wonder how you ever stayed sane without it!


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