VisaEase Release Notes

v2.2.5 - Released 14 October 2020

Update to work with multiple sessions open in Amadeus Selling Platform Connect.  Application will now recognise multiple sessions are available and ask user which Office ID they want to communicate with.


v2.2.4 - Released 28 September 2020

Update as a result of Amadeus releasing new version of their SmartBridge and Customisation SDK. This version also fixes a bug found with Sabre TravelDocuments (DOCO - for K and R types) that were not being read correctly.


v2.2.3 - released 29 May 2020

Minor update of GDS detection logic so that customers on Amadeus Selling Platform Connect were able to use the older +Script API or the new SmartScripting API.


v2.2.2 - Released 13 May 2020

Version 2.2.2 is compatible with Amadeus Selling Platform Connect's SmartScripting API.  This enables customers to use any web browser rather than having to use Internet Explorer.  Use of the new API also means customers will see improved speed and the end of a number of issues associated with the very old +Script API that we were previously limited to.


v2.2.1 - released 04 July 2019

This version is a simple release to improve stability and compatibility with Sabre Red Workstation 'classic' for those users who have not yet migrated to Sabre Red 360.


v2.2.0 - released 08 May 2019

This new version is released to introduce the following enhancements and bug fixes and is a mandatory update for all Sabre connected agencies due to the change in XML API version used

  • The solution is now using the latest Sabre XML API version 1.19
  • An issue where some MEP remark fields in an Amadeus booking file where incorrectly being presented as Car Segments in the Amadeus API has been coded around
  • Improvements where made to handle more scenarios for Flight Verification entries on Sabre when gathering flight details


v2.1.0 - released 11 December 2018

This release has been made to ensure the solution is now compatible with the new Sabre Red Workspace API (Native API) infrastructure. There are no other functionality changes in this release.


v2.0.4 - released 7 March 2018

Minor bug fixes released :

  • The Add Remarks button was permanently disabled.  This release resolves that issue.
  • Also resolves rare bug on Galileo DOCS lines where the passenger association is corrupt.


v2.0.3 - released 20 February 2018

Minor bug fixes released :

  • CIBT Logo and link to website is now shown for segments where the Visa requirement is unknown (usually when travel is into the UK) - and the message advises to contact CIBT for further info.


v2.0.2 - released 20 January 2018

Minor bug fixes released :

  • System was unable to extract passenger nationality from DOCS remarks on Amadeus when just a single passenger was travelling.
  • The Refresh button was not retrieving the new passenger list correctly from the latest PNR.


v2.0.1 - released 11 January 2018

New features added after customer feedback :

  • Now includes dynamic URL's to be held in the configuration - so users can go directly to their CIBT portal when the system indicates a Visa is required
  • System can now add remarks to the PNR detailing the visa requirements


v2.0.0 - released 13 November 2017

This is first release of our new VisaEase solution

  • System now works with CIBT as the data provider and Visa procurement specialist
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