Decoder Suite Release Notes

v1.11.9 - Released 5 November 2020

This release fixes a bug found with the Fare Shopping Decoder on Amadeus Smartscripting API.  The system was not able to extract the response correctly - however the fix has now been implemented.


v1.11.8 - Released 14 October 2020

Update to work with multiple sessions open in Amadeus Selling Platform Connect.  Application will now recognise multiple sessions are available and ask user which Office ID they want to communicate with.


v1.11.7 - Released 28 September 2020

This version fixes a bug found with Sabre TravelDocuments (DOCO - for K and R types) that were not being read correctly.


v1.11.6 - Released 17 September 2020

Update as a result of Amadeus releasing new version of their SmartBridge and Customisation SDK.


v1.11.5 - Released 28 May 2020

Minor update to the GDS detection functionality after customers reported random process error ID failures occurring when the application was processing.


v1.11.4 - Released 13 May 2020

Version 1.11.4 is compatible with Amadeus Selling Platform Connect's SmartScripting API.  This enables customers to use any web browser rather than having to use Internet Explorer.  Use of the new API also means customers will see improved speed and the end of a number of issues associated with the very old +Script API that we were previously limited to.


v1.11.3 - Released 04 Mar 2020

This new version fixes an issue with flight segments that have more than two legs on the Sabre GDS.


v1.11.2 - Released 22 Jan 2020

This new version includes the following improvements and fixes and is a mandatory upgrade for Sabre users

  • Improved handling for Sabre Availability capture when returning more than 9 flights
  • Moved Hotel 'details' extraction over to use Sabres new Content Services Lodging transactions in preparedness for the retirement of their older Hotel xml queries
  • Improved handling of certain Firstname / Title combinations
  • Improved handling of Car Segment parsing on Amadeus bookings when no excess mileage is reported
  • Fixed issue with WHITE text appearing when not selecting an option in the new drop down menus available since 1.11.0


v1.11.1 - Released 10 Jan 2020

This new version fixes an issue with the new CO2 capturing on flights/train segments that do not return the information in the GDS.


v1.11.0 - Released 19 Dec 2019

This new version has the following improvements / fixes,

  • Agencies can now choose to provide 'drop down selection' lists as part of their template for their users to select from predefined options - this is great for Fare Rules, Fees, Terms and Conditions etc
  • Agencies can now add 'free text' input boxes to their templates to allow users to type additional information into the Decoder Suite interface for inclusion on generated output


Please Note: The above is just an example of what we can achieve with this new functionality.
Your agency needs to provide us with the various labels and values you would want in the drop downs for your users to select from.

  • Decoder Suite is now extracting CO2 information from the Travelport and Amadeus GDS systems - this information can be included on Itinerary outputs (Travelport/Amadeus) and on Availability outputs (Amadeus)



  • We have introduced an entirely new tool 'Last Resp' which will capture the last response from the GDS performing any MD entries required to capture the entire response.  The resulting information is displayed using a 'pre-formatted text' template to ensure the spacing / tabs / formatting from the GDS is maintained


Please Note: If you agency wishes to take advantage of any of the above enhancements, adjustments need to be made to your templates, so please email us at so we can arrange this for you.


v1.10.0 - Released 04 July 2019

This new version has the following improvements / fixes

  • Availability Decoder is now looking up our Flight Class Extended tables to decipher the correct classes for each flight returned.  Whilst this does slow down the capture process a small amount - the information being returned is now more accurate for your end travellers
  • The % or Amt Markup field can now be used on Fares captured with Itinerary Decoder. If you agency wishes to take advantage of this feature please contact us on to have your templates updated
  • Fixed an issue capturing availability on Sabre Red 360 2.19.x after a screen change
  • Fixed an issue capturing shopping (WPNI responses) when using a 24H clock setting


v1.9.0 - Released 08 May 2019

This new version is released to introduce the following enhancements and bug fixes and is a mandatory update for all Sabre connected agencies due to the change in XML API version used

  • The solution is now using the latest Sabre XML API version 1.19
  • History Decoder now works for Apollo bookings
  • An issue where some MEP remark fields in an Amadeus booking file where incorrectly being presented as Car Segments in the Amadeus API has been coded around
  • An issue where some SVC remarks in an Amadeus booking file where incorrectly being presented as Phones in the Amadeus API has been coded around
  • Improvements have been made to the handling of Sabre requested meals (SSRs)
  • Coded around an issue on 2V (Amtrak) bookings on Galileo and Apollo where the fare was returned as blank data by the Travelport API
  • Improvements where made to handle more scenarios for Flight Verification entries on Sabre when gathering flight details
  • For History Decoder, we have expanded on the existing ability to select a single line and copy it, to now allowing the selection of multiple lines on the History decoder table to Copy the text (Ctrl+C), ready to be pasted into any other application (Ctrl+V)

  • We have introduced the ability to Print/Export from the History Decoder screen

Clicking the new Print/Export button will open the "Print Preview" screen where various options are available to print the currently displayed table (including after any filtering, sorting or grouping has been done by the user) or export to a number of formats including PDF, Excel or CSV files.


v1.8.1 - Released 20 December 2018

This was a small bug fix release that addressed an issue where some users could not copy the resultant output from the HTML window in rare occasions.


v1.8.0 - Released 14 December 2018

This new version is now compatible with new Sabre Red Workspace for all our Sabre users, as well as including the following small improvements

  • Rail Vendors are now correctly decoded against a new table within our SOA infrastructure
  • Fixed an issue where Sabre History wasn't being read in for some booking files
  • Sabre users now have access to Availability, Shopping modules once using new Sabre Red Workspace
  • Improved processing of Open air segments in Amadeus
  • Improved handling of Hotel Room Description for Galileo users


v1.7.1 - Released 5 September 2018

This new version includes the following improvements

  • Resolves an issue that was discovered when using the new Flight Class Description in a small number of cases
  • Flight leg details now have access to the new Flight Class Descriptions
  • Improves extraction of Hotel Room Description information for Travelport hotel segments


v1.7.0 - Released 20 July 2018

This new release of Decoder Suite introduces support for our new Flight Class Description lookup tables to ensure more accurate flight details are provided to customers (see below).  This version also benefits from the following bug fixes

  • Improved handling of Frequent Flyer details on Galileo Group Bookings
  • Fixed an issue with 'time changed' flights on Sabre bookings still showing the old flight times
  • An issue that prevented History Decoder from reading in some bookings from Amadeus Selling Platform Connect has been fixed

Introducing our enhanced Flight Class Descriptions

This version of Decoder Suite implements support for our new Flight Class Description lookup tables that now handle airlines reusing Booking Designator codes in different markets.  An example is A class on AF being ECONOMY on European flights and PREMIUM ECONOMY for all other flights. Decoder Suite is now able to pass more details of the flight (such as Start/End points, Equipment Type, Flight Number etc) into our new infrastructure to ensure more accurate class descriptions are returned.


v1.6.1 - Released 16 April 2018

This update includes a workaround for decoding the older cryptic Availability response from within Smartpoint for Travelport users.


v1.6.0 - Released 26 February 2018

This update has been released to work on the .net framework 4.6.2. It also contains a small bug fix for Sabre History not already being able to be read in to the system


v1.5.12 - Released 19 October 2017

Minor update addressing / introducing the following

  • Fixed an issue capturing Apollo Availability when using the 12hr time format
  • Updated Sabre History to handle the expanded History codes


v1.5.11 - Released 20 July 2017

Minor update addressing / introducing the following

  • A fix has been made where Decoder Suite couldn't capture all Galileo Shopping responses from the FS entry in Smartpoint 7.3
  • Introduced the option to Exclude Waitlist classes from an Availability capture.  Normally Decoder Suite will include classes that can be waitlisted as being available, this option allows the user to ignore any waitlisted classes


v1.5.10 - Released 28 April 2017

Minor update for users who use the 12/24 hr functionality. The logic has now been improved to ensure the correct time format is picked on first capture. 


v1.5.9 - Released 9 January 2017

Minor update for Amadeus users - as a screen change meant that the system was having trouble picking up leg arrival times - and therefore miscalculating the total journey time.


v1.5.8 - Released 12 December 2016

Update for new Selling Platform Connect users - to allow a single instance of Decoder Suite to work with any open Command page.


v1.5.7 - Released 29 September 2016

This update allows users to display the Fare Basis Code in the Shopping capture if required.


v1.5.6 - Released 28 July 2016

There was a small bug introduced in the 1.5.5 release where users were seeing an unexpected prompt when the solution was collecting fare information - this has now been fixed.


v1.5.5 - Released 28 July 2016

This release includes the following fixes / enhancements

  1. Improved handled on Sabre Hotel and Car segments
  2. Fixed an issue with Past Date End Date for passive Hotel Segments in Amadeus
  3. Fixed an issue with Past Date passive car segments in Amadeus
  4. We are now picking up the General Remarks from a PNR for template logic


v1.5.4 - Released 6 June 2016

A small bug was accidentally introduced that didn't allow users to capture Availability when using Galileo Desktop, this release addresses that issue.


v1.5.3 - Released 6 June 2016

This release fixes the following issues

1. Improved compatibility with Smartpoint 7.0 Shopping and Availability responses

2. Increased speed of Shopping/Availability and Time Table responses by introducing a new internal caching mechanism


v1.5.2 - Released 4 October 2015

This release fixes the following issues

1. Several enhancements for handling of Amadeus Hotels

2. Several Amadeus Car improvements


v1.5.1 - Released 16 September 2015

This release was a minor release to address an issue with Amadeus TST's retrieval after Amadeus changed the screen layout


v1.5.0 - Released 30 June 2015

This release fixes the following issues

1. Improved compatibility with Smartpoint 6.0 Shopping and Availability responses

2. Minor improvements around handling of Hotel Address information


v1.4.7 - Released 19 Nov 2014

This release fixes the following issues

1. Improved compatibility with Smartpoint 4.0 Shopping follow on responses

2. Fixes an issue when hiding company logos on Shopping templates

3. Introduced 'EnglishCulture' configuration to force English language when required


v1.4.6 - Released 13 Oct 2014

1.4.5 was not downloading for some customers, so was republished.


v1.4.5 - Released 10 Oct 2014

Fixed an issue with Amadeus and Eurostar not being picked up correctly


v1.4.4 - Released 08 Oct 2014

This release is a small release that corrects a compatibility issue with the soon to be released Smartpoint 4.0 from Travelport.


v1.4.3 - Released 12 May 2014

This release builds on 1.4.2 by further enhancing some error messages that are displayed. A time out feature was added when screen scraping results from Smartpoint to further stabilise this platform.


v1.4.2 - Released 24 Apr 2014

This release builds on 1.4.1 by making the new Error Handling infrastructure available across Shopping, Availability, Timetable and History functions. We also introduced a routine to test for the presence of Smartpoint screen data for Availability, Timetable and Shopping responses on some slower computers.


v1.4.1 - Released 14 Apr 2014

This release is geared towards improved handling of errors

  1. We have further improved the compatibility with Smartpoint 3.0 when extracting details from Shopping, Availability and Timetable screens
  2. Introduced a whole new Error handling infrastructure that is able to capture and collate errors encountered during an extraction of Itineraries to ensure the rest of the extraction continues. This means that if an error was encountered during the extraction of one sub component (such as Fares) the system will skip the extraction of that area and continue extracting as much as possible from other areas (flights, cars, hotels, passengers etc)


v1.4.0 - Released 03 Dec 2013

This release introduces compatibility with the recently released Smartpoint v3.0 for Travelport users


v1.3.3 - Released 14 Nov 2013

This release introduces a number of significant improvements

  1. The handling of Sabre Flights, Hotels, Cars and Fares has been enhanced and rewritten to cater for more formats and missing elements and will make the system a lot more stable for Sabre users.
  2. The Time Table decoder is now able to  handle the 'connections' responses introduced by Galileo
  3. A bug in the availability decoder was addressed where some responses that included some low cost airlines would repeat the low cost availability lines through out the captured response


v1.3.2 - Released 01 Oct 2013

This is a small patch release to address a compatibility issue with Galileo Desktop version 2.6


v1.3.1 - Released 7 May 2013

This is a small patch release to address an issue for some Citrix / Terminal Server environments with the new Smartpoint integration delivered in 1.3.0


v1.3.0 - Released 25 April 2013

A new version of our Decoder Suite has been released and includes the following fixes and enhancements

  1. Passive and Live segments are now sorted in the correct order - there were instances where bookings having a Passive segment before a Live segment would show the Live segments first and then the Passive segments
  2. Cabin Baggage 'passengers' in Amadeus are now handled correctly
  3. The 'Shopping Options' are now renumbered before being placed on the clipboard if any have been unselected in the response (So if you choose option 1, 3, 4, 6 & 10 these will still show as option 1,2,3,4,5)
  4. Travelport Smartpoint integration is now available
  • Availability
    - The 'Num Pages' option is unable to work in the Smartpoint environment - however, to capture more than one page of Availability, you can perform all the relevant 'A*' or 'More Flights' entries in Smartpoint FIRST, then when you click the availability button in Decoder Suite, it will capture all the flights displayed on screen.
  • TimeTable
    - No change in functionality from Focalpoint, 'Num Pages' works fine for this command
  • Shopping
    - The 'Num Pages' option has no effect when capturing Shopping responses as Smartpoint brings back all the responses in 'one hit' unlike Focalpoint. Please note : the capture can take considerably longer due to the amount of information being processed on a Smartpoint shopping response - a typical 30 option response can take unto 25 seconds to process.
    - Decoder Suite is compatible with any responses generated by using the Smartpoint Smartpanel tool
  • Itinerary / History
    - Both of these components were compatible with Smartpoint already
  • General Information
    - If Smartpoint is open on the workstation, Decoder Suite will attempt to take the capture from Smartpoint first - if this is not successful it will then revert to capture the response from Focalpoint as it will assume the user has Ctrl+F12 into Focalpoint from within the Smartpoint environment.
    - It must be understood that Decoder Suite is currently using a 'workaround' provided by Travelport to achieve this level of integration and there have been instances where the data captured is incomplete or doesn't work 'first time'. Users are asked to be patient with the current level of integration until a more robust solution is made available in Smartpoint for working with 3rd party applications such as Decoder Suite.
    - There have been instances where using Decoder Suite on Smartpoint for the first time throws a large "Oops' error from Smartpoint. This has been tracked down as a problem with the Smartpoint installer process on some workstations and has been reported to Travelport for investigation. If this does occur, an uninstall and reinstall of Smartpoint will fix the issue.


v1.2.11 - Released 30 October 2012

A new version of our Decoder Suite has been released and includes the following fixes and enhancements

  1. Introduced support for the new MK HTL segments for Travelport users. The system is now able to extract information from the P- and H- fields and look up Hotel Address information for any hotels which have the P- field populated.
  2. Introduced new fields in the stored fare and electronic tickets (for all users) which can now be output on customer itineraries
    ◦ Fare Construction Text
    ◦ Form Of Payment Information
    ◦ Endorsement Text
  3. Fixed a bug on Availability where some screens could not be extracted when using 'LINK' responses (such as EK)


v1.2.10 - Released 11 July 2012

The latest version of Decoder Suite has the following resolved issues and added functionality

  1. Shopping on Amadeus was not picking up Journey Time
  2. Time Tables on Amadeus was not picking up Journey Time
  3. When retrieving RTSVI details on Amadeus, for UN and some GK segments, this was failing
  4. For Galileo users, the system now automatically performs all the 'view extra classes' entries for each line to ensure we extract all classes (it was found that some airlines where putting Economy classes on the additional lines so some flights were not reporting that Economy was available when indeed it was)


v1.2.9 - Released 11 June 2012

This update resolved the following issue on Amadeus

  1. Shopping extraction on Low Cost carrier that do not provide TAX details was failing


v1.2.8 - Released 04 May 2012

This small update was released to address the following issues

  1. History Decoder was crashing on Amadeus when having to perform a MD entry
  2. Some codeshares were not being picked up correctly on Amadeus


v1.2.7 - Released 25 April 2012

This version of the Decoder introduces some new functionality for our Amadeus users and includes one or two bug fixes

  1. We are now extracting 'net Fare' indicators from the FXC/FXD shopping responses, for some agencies these will start showing as a small gold STAR icon next to the Fare Price to alert you to the fact that you are sending NET prices.
  2. We are now also capturing the TAX information from the FXC/FXD shopping responses, so if you wish to show the TAX amount we can now update your template to display this information for each fare captured
  3. Fixed an issue with capturing fares with EXCLUDED TAXES on Galileo.
  4. Fixed an issue that could cause the system to crash if a DI.AC- field was present but empty
  5. There have also been several underlying improvements in speed and stability in our Navitas Application Framework that this version benefits from


v1.2.6 - Released 22 March 2012

This release is a small maintenance release with the following improvements/changes

  1. Some Amadeus Fares where not being read out correctly in the previous release, this has now been addressed
  2. Some Amadeus Flights where not being read out correctly in rare circumstances, this has now been resolved


v1.2.5 - Released 20 March 2012

This was a minor release to address a compatibility issue with Galileo agents who haven't upgraded to 'Travelport Agility' fully.


v1.2.4 - Released 16 March 2012

This was a minor release to address an issue with some Eurostar bookings not being successfully retrieved from the Galileo GDS.


v1.2.3 - Released 14 March 2012

This release fixes a bug introduced in 1.2.2 where Itinerary Decoder no longer worked on pass flown or passive segments on Galileo.


v1.2.2 - Released 14 March 2012

This release introduces the new History Decoder functionality with the following features

  1. Available for all Amadeus, Galileo and Sabre bookings
  2. Simply retrieve the booking file is question and click the History button, the system will present a grid that allows the user to view the history in a sortable, group-able grid.
  3. Each entry in the History is shown with the relevant R., RF or 6 field data (Received Field) and date and time the PNR was ended with the changes.
  4. Each column is sortable and filterable
  5. The history flows in Earliest First format by default, to the latest things to happen to the PNR are shown LAST

This release also has the following BUG fixes / enhancements

  1. TimeTable decoder now works when using the ACTN follow on entry
  2. Availability on Galileo now caters for the screen changes on Carrier Specific responses
  3. Availability on Galileo now caters for the screen changes when asking for One World or Star alliance


v1.2.1 - Released 22 Dec 2011

After yesterdays release, a few agents provided some feedback, so we have added the following

  1. Templates can now stipulate the default Time Format to be selected when using the new 12/24 hr selector
  2. If your agency doesn't take advance of the new 12/24hr selector - it is now hidden from screen to alleviate any confusion
  3. In extreme cases, some users lost the ability to paste HTML results into their email client of choice - this has now been addressed


v1.2.0 - Released 21 Dec 2011

This latest release brings a whole new range of enhancements and bug fixes

Bug Fixes:

  1. Hotel Confirmation Numbers are now included for Sabre users (TKT 211)
  2. SUR segments no longer crash Decoder Suite for Sabre users (TKT 211)
  3. Correct number of stops is now showing for direct connection flights for Sabre Users (TKT211)
  4. EK Limo segments no longer crash Decoder Suite on Sabre (TKT 211)
  5. The 'Change of Day' is now correctly calculated for flights that are less than 12hr duration for Amadeus users (TKT199)
  6. Hotel Address was not correctly extracted is some circumstances (TKT94, TKT18)
  7. Incorrect Terminal information was being displayed in some circumstances (TKT86)
  8. Availability Decoder now correctly handles follow on "All Classes" response for Galileo users
  9. Availability Decoder now sorts the 'available cabins' in correct order, Premium First, First, Business, Premium Economy, Economy
  10. A change has been made to some network settings to better cater for older Routers/Firewall that would fail with the error code 417 (Expectation Expect100Continue error)

New Data Extraction:

  1. Segment stop over city codes / names are now available for Amadeus and Sabre users - for example we can now show that Flight QF1 is SYD to LHR via SIN
  2. Itinerary Remarks stored in the PNR are now available for display on the Itinerary output

New Features:

  1. Users can now switch between 12 and 24hr time formats directly from the interface
  2. Users can now select what data from the results will be copied across to the clipboard (for example, on a Shopping response, the user may only wish to select option 1,3,4,6 to be sent)
  3. Users can now add a Markup to each fare captured from a Shopping Response, this can either be by specifying an Amount or a Percentage
  4. The 'Data Copied' confirmation prompt has been replaced so that users no longer have to click a button to close it as it automatically closes after a few seconds.

Please note, that to take advantage of some of the above new features, your template may need to be adjusted, so please contact us through to have your templates changed if required.

 A 'Product Info' sheet is available here for reference.



In this release, Navitas Solutions has updated the Shopping Decoder to recognise the new FXD responses for Amadeus users.



This is a simple maintenance release to change some underlying "Clipboard" management code for Citrix users.



Navitas Solutions has released the latest update to our popular Decoder Suite application. The following items are included in the latest release

  1. Decoder Suite is now able to handle the latest changes to the availability responses outlined by Travelport in PA1269

 A 'Product Info' sheet is available here for reference

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