How can I force which GDS to capture from?

When using Decoder Suite / Itin to X I get a prompt each time: 

"GDSSelection - GDS Options - The current GDS could not be easily determined, please select the appropriate GDS from the list.


I only use 1 GDS so can I force the GDS to be selected?


To resolve this please follow the below steps - in this example we are forcing Amadeus to be used every time, however you can name the text file depending on the GDS you are using

  • ForceAmadeusGDS.txt
  • ForceGalileoGDS.txt
  • ForceSabreGDS.txt


What you can do is force Amadeus to be always be used – to do this simply create a blank text file in the C:\Navitas directory, naming it ForceAmadeusGDS (will appear ForceAmadeusGDS.txt)


Here are some screenshots showing how to create the necessary file…


Go to C:  Navitas folder 


Right click in the white space and go to New – Text Document



Name the new file ForceAmadeusGDS





You should now no longer receive the prompt.


Please note: This is especially common for Amadeus users (using Selling Platform Connect as we can only pick up Internet Explorer from the Task Manager so can not automatically select Amadeus for you)


Please note: For customers who use multiple GDS then this prompt is essential, as allows us to know which GDS you wish to capture from! 

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