How do I fix the 'Configuration system failed to initialize' error

From time to time the Click Once cache that is used to deploy our solutions can corrupt a file that stores some local data information (such as position on screen etc).  When this occurs the follow error prompt is displayed

To clear this error:

  1. Close Decoder Suite (you may need to use Task Manager to force close the process)
  2. Open Windows Explorer
  3. Navigate to the current User Folder (c:\users\{username})
  4. Locate the AppData folder and open it (note, if you are unable to see this folder, you may need to turn on 'hidden items' from the View toolbar)
  5. Open the 'Local' folder, then 'Apps' folder and finally the '2.0' folder, you should have a couple of folders in this directory as per below (please note, the folder names are randomised by Microsoft so yours may not match 100% with the example below)
  6. Delete the 'Data' folder


You can now restart Decoder Suite and the application will start to work as expected.


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